ŘADA 980


Treat yourself to the best hydromassage. Lonely, with family or friends. Let dozens of massage nozzles work on your body and enjoy your well-deserved relaxation. Maybe every day.

  • The offer includes the Sundance Spas Californian Spa for 2 to 7 people.
  • For each of them you can choose the color of the lining and the color of the inner shell
  • The selected whirlpool will be delivered and installed on a turnkey basis

If you do not know, check out 20 frequently asked questions about whirlpools or visit us at our showroom. We will be glad to help you choose the ideal model for you!


Model 980 - the highest range of Sundance Spas whirlpools - the best hydromassage, lougne zone, luxurious design. More about model 980

Model 880 - a larger range of Sundance whirlpools Premium features, design details, a modern look. More about model 880

Model 780 - Mid range of Sundance spas - high quality equipment, perfect functionality, high durability. More about model 780

Model 680 - the basic range of Sundance Spas - basic equipment, simplicity, different shapes. More about model 680

Choose the model that suits you.

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