Linea loungers – these unique LINEA loungers are an ideal place for relaxing. Their fine mineral or glass mosaic tiling will make the LINEA lounger suit any interior.

Sway loungers – The first lounger using movement to relax your body. Just close your eyes and drift away through the pendulum movement of this lounger made by KLAFS. You don’t need a deep sleep to charge your batteries; 15 to 20 minutes is enough. Regardless of the time of day, you will wake up completely rested, concentrated and with much more energy.

Sun meadow – thanks to gentle UV rays, melanin in your upper skin layers activates, makes your skin browner and initiates the production of new melanin. This is how you can get a natural tan that will complement your skin. This perfect sun spa will provide your healthy skin with the right UVA and UVB ratio.

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